Identity : Production Diary (Final Part)

Identity : Production Diary (Final Part)

The filming went well, that’s not to say we didn’t hit any snags (why is this never a surprise?). After we got to the TV studio we just stood there for a wee bit, scratching our heads figuring out what had went wrong.  As it was expected, the radius of the wheels on the Dolly was too large.  The TV Studio ended up being a wee bit smaller than originally anticipated (the floor plan was incorrect!).  Shortly after which Mike dismantled and mantled the whole thing in a space of about an hour.  So after a bit of rehearsing, chalk marking, weight distributing, duct tape laying we were ready to go.

The green screen wasn’t nearly as lit as it probably should have been but I’m pleased to say it worked out fine in post.  All the boys/girls did a stand up job bringing it all together for the shoot.

Kimberley was a star. Not needing too much direction, she was a natural.

Its been a few weeks, and I am pleased to say that the film is now complete.  First thing I must say is that it’s no longer an ‘Identity’ video.  It’s more a promotional video, commercial, advert, what you will.

The film has shifted from the original concept but I hope it still holds true to it. The journey has been a good one.

Keen to get away from any music rights issues I created the music track.  Woopy.

I just want to thank Rehan Yousuf, Kris Keegan, Mike Dunning, Shu Moon Leung, Babis Fasterous, Neil Martin, and Kimberley Brand for all the help.

The video is now live:

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