Identity : Part Three

Identity : Part Three

This entry is a couple of weeks overdue, so apologies.

For most of last week, once the sun dipped past the horizon, the office has been turning into a workshop. After much hammering, sawing, thinking, drinking and thoughtful deliberation I’m pleased to say that the dolly is now complete. And it looks cooool. oh and it seems to work as well. Can I add that its not just a dolly, its a magical one, not in the harry potter sense of the word, rather its built in such a way that if pushed, it follows a circle thanks to its angled wheels.

The obvious catch is that we will need a smooth surface, but that bridge will be crossed this weekend when we are filming.
Here is the concept:

Baby dolly (Thanks Mike!):

Papa Dolly (Thanks Keegan!):

We are hoping to have the film completed by the 23rd of October.  If everything goes to plan…

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