Identity : Part Two

Identity : Part Two

Boys and girls, ladies and gents, we are now in week two and as promised here is the diary update.

Dear Diary,

360° track and dolly system don’t come cheap, so we are looking into building one ourselves and the initial deduction is that its not going to be easy.  We understand that there is a reason why its not cheap, but you gotta give it a try!.

Building the dolly itself looks to be a walk in the park, some ply wood, swivel wheels a piano chair and bobs your uncle. The tracks on the other hand is a different story and would involve getting a piece of material thats strong enough, then bending it to a perfect circle.  This will require some heavy thinking and heavy machinery. On top of this, metal and labour can be expensive, so we are researching plastic piping.  Plastic piping works well for a straight track, but not sure about bending it.  We are getting together tonight to test some of these materials.

To film the actor with the camera doing full 360° revolutions around him/her will mean that we will need to green screen the entire background.  Unless, we have two people tracking a sheet of green screen in the background in sync with the camera.  All of this sounds fine is theory but setting up the lights on top of all this won’t be easy.

I feel I have to mention this.  Mike and Kris had another very interesting take on the track and dolly system.  They proposed a rather revolutionary idea, have a Jib on either side, with the pivot point in the middle (where the actor stands).  One arm will hold the camera, the other holding a sheet of green screen.  Essentially the actor stays still, and the arms rotate around him/her like some time travel contraption.  Maybe for another shoot!!.

Things are fast starting to take shape, more coming soon.

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