Identity : Part One

Identity : Part One

We have been wanting a nice little ident for KrayaMotion for a while now but being so busy has resulted in it being pushed firmly into our “to do” pile.  But with our new website going live at the start of September its looking like this can no longer exist as just an idea.  Welcome plenty of overtime and a steady supply of red bull’s.

The concept for the 20sec film is simple, emotion.  Kraya Motion is about story and a story is parts ‘in motion’, ‘e motion’.

After some discussions the first draft of the script is complete and we are sketching up some storyboards to get the visual idea and realise possible hurdles.  While the story is looking simple the production is summing up to be quite complex.  We will need to incorporate some clever CGI, some well timed camera movements and a dash of brilliance.

Since our green screens are too small our production assistant Rehan is researching hires, but all we have got so far is his detailed research analysis of the Champions League draw, apparently FC Barcelona are playing Inter Milan but I am assured that the green screen research is coming along nicely.  All this while he is getting hyped up by playing the Rocky theme tune in repeat.

Good times..

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