Judge Dredd – I am the law .. err .. I think.

We have finally got Blogging up and running here at Kraya.  While walking past the office a few of the folks were showing off their blogs to me, like a badge of honor.  Amazing!

We have been discussing about possible having some form of guidelines for the Kraya employees who have chosen to blog.  Its an interesting topic of discussion, to what extend do we, as Kraya, manage/police our blogs?

Just recently a barmaid in New York was sacked after she wrote a blog about the Belgian defense minister’s alleged heavy drinking session during a visit to the bar where she worked.

Corporate blogging is a growing trend, especially in the technology field. But what rights do the corporation have to impose guidelines to its bloggers?  Well, what better to way to try and answer this question than to start by asking our bloggers themselves.

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